Diablo's Commissions (OPEN)

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Diablo's Commissions (OPEN)

Post by DiabloAyame on Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:28 pm

ToS (terms of service):
Coming Soon!


Regular Prices
Poses: 0.20Δ
Linearts: 0.10Δ
Transparency Lines: 0.20Δ
Reference Sheets: 0.40Δ
Pixels/Icons: 0.10Δ
Custom Adopt: 0.20Δ
Adding Background: 0.05Δ

Flower: 0.20Δ
Deer: 0.15Δ
Canine: 0.010Δ
Horse: 0.10Δ
Anthro: 0.12Δ

Extra Prices
Shading: Free
Sizing: Free
Loose Pixels: Free

*Send deltas to Diablo on chatlands*
*Note me your commission once been purchased*

Examples: Coming Soon!

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